Ignite Phoenix

I’ve only been to the last few Ignite Phoenixes, but I’ve already seen people passionate about raising geek kids, the economics of a zombie apocalypse, and branching out from Dungeons & Dragons.

The next installment of Ignite Phoenix, where anyone can submit a 5 minute presentation covering what they’re passionate about, is happening May 4th, which gives you plenty of time to prepare something awesome – and submissions are now open.

I hereby call upon Arizona geeks of all walks of life to consider something they love and would be willing to submit.

Do you collect obscure Japanese toys? Why are they fascinating?

Are you a video game completionist? Why is it so rewarding?

What’s the world’s best board/card game that nobody’s ever heard of?

When will you reveal to your kids that George Lucas made prequels?

Is the recent explosion of nerdsploitation a boon or a hindrance to geek culture?

(I could go on…)

Before you submit something, keep in mind their basic rules:

If this is a pitch about a product or service you sell – STOP!
If this about motivation, coaching, or ways to be super wonderful – STOP!
If this is a personal hobby, obsession, interest, or fascination – CARRY ON!

Let me know if you submit something, or if you at least have a fun idea for a presentation.