Lightning Octopus Nerd Costume

Thanks to everyone who left a four word entry- and the person who left a six word one, I suppose.

Everyone from Digital Victorian Gaming Zombies to Way Chic Greek Geeks left four words that best described their nerdiness. Needless to say I’ve had a great couple of days hearing from Zombie Slaying Browncoat Bookworms and getting classic references like Fear Is The Mind Killer.

Reading them is the best part, picking a winner is the worst. But someone gets those tickets to Jester’z, and that person is:

Ryan Dalton for being a Big Damn Shiny Superhero.

(Congrats, my friend! Have a fun night at Jester’z; they’re pretty funny!)

Also, one random player gets a giftcard for Bookmans, just for playing. I asked Twitter for a random number, which led me to:

Jason Leonhardt’s Making Geeks Look Good.

I’ll get in contact with you both for mailing addresses.

Hope everyone had fun, and Happy St Patrick’s Day!