anime convention - lightning octopus

This weekend, Arizona gathers otakus, faeries, gamers, steampunkers, comic geeks, and gore freaks.

It’s an opportunity to almost cover the entire spectrum of the nerd rainbow in one weekend!

Friday, March 23rd

Con-Ichiwa 2012 [Tucson]
  • Time to put on some cat ears and head south for an anime convention.
  • At the Holiday Inn Palo Verde, Tucson – goes all weekend.
  • Check out their site for tickets and schedules.
Battle Royale [Tempe]
  • If you wished The Hunger Games had school girl outfits and way (way) more blood…
  • You may enjoy Cult Classics’ answer to this weekend’s obvious blockbuster.
  • Shows at 9pm and 11pm at Madcap Theaters.
  • Get your bloody details here.

Saturday, March 24th

Spring Faerie Frolic [Phoenix]
  • Here’s your chance to frolic and dance and spell “fairy” however you want to.
  • It’s a full day of Celtic music and many poofy dresses at Cielito Park.
  • Here’s a flyer.
LibCon 2012 [Chandler]
  • Chandler Libraries must have been pleased with last year’s LibCon!
  • Teens can spend the day at a mini-comic book and manga convention.
  • At the main Chandler Library – here’s an official page.

Sunday, March 25th

Mantecoza Steampunk Filming/Flashmob [Tempe]
  • This local steampunk web series is firing production back up!
  • Be part of the magic by helping with a large “market” scene from 10am to 6pm.
  • (Plus there will be some sort of steampunk flash-mob.)
  • Here’s a Facebook event for it, so let them know you want to help!
Modern Warfare 3 Tournament [Phoenix]
  • This kicks off what hopes to be a weekly MW3 tournament with KUPD.
  • Sundays at 2pm at Centerfold in Phoenix.
  • Frag the details.

Get out and play, my friends!

As always, drop a comment to share what sounds interesting to you, or what I may have missed.