This weekend, Arizona hunts Chupacabras, celebrates old video games, cracks open thousands of books, and more.

Also, the Twittersphere has confirmed for me that the Ostrich Festival has Ostrich Jousting! (Yes, Ostrich Jousting!)

Some genuinely fascinating experiences await you this weekend, mighty adventurers!

Go forth and seize them!

Friday, March 9th

History of Video Games Exhibit Opens! [Phoenix]
  • Apparently the donors of the displays pulled everything today.
  • ::sad trombone sound::
  • For some of us, old video game consoles and their games are things of beauty.
  • Opening Friday, the Arizona Pop Culture Museum opens a tribute to video game history.
  • Old games, promos, magazines, power-gloves, and who knows what else.
  • Runs until April 22nd.
Build The Robots – Rusted Nail’s One Year Anniversary [Mesa]
  • First of all, congrats to The Rusted Nail on one full year!
  • Celebrate at the quirky steampunk gallery – starting at 6pm.
  • Robots and local artists shall abound.

Get Simpson-ized! [Mesa]

  • Phil Ortiz from Simpsons fame is back to turn you into a member of Springfield.
  • He’ll be chilling at Gotham City Comics all evening.
  • Swing by after you visit The Rusted Nail.
  • More details.
A Serious Lecture On The Chupacabra [Chandler]

Saturday, March 10th

Tucson Festival of Books! [Tucson]
Bizarre Bazaar [Phoenix]

Michael Stackpole & Robert Vardeman at The Ren Festival [Way Out There]

As always, drop a comment if you know of anything else, or if you plan on going to anything.