Zombie Brides - ian flickr

This weekend, Arizona doodles comic books, gives you a kung fu kick to the face, wears a dress, and watches the dead walk.

It’s a bit of a light weekend, and my online presence has been extremely diminished this week, but I did manage to find a few things.

(And it’s not too late to leave a quick comment on yesterday’s post to win some free stuff.)

Thursday, March 15th

Doodle Night! [Glendale]
  • Join tons of other local artists and doodle the night away.
  • At Jesse James Comics starting around 6pm.
  • Learn all about it over at his site.

Friday, March 16th

I Am Bruce Lee [Phoenix]

Saturday, March 17th

Brides of March [Phoenix]
  • A large group of men and women dressing up in white wedding dresses (required) isn’t geeky per se.
  • But then I realized you can probably get away with variations on a theme.
  • As in zombie, alien, robot, overly-geeky, etc, brides.
  • Starts at Noon at Kobalt in Phoenix – get details.

Sunday, March 18th

Walking Dead Season Finale Party [Phoenix]
  • I can’t think of a better place to watch the finale than surrounded by fans at The Film Bar.
  • Wander in around 6pm.
  • Here’s my post about the zombie event.

Also, Press The Pause Button has the low-down on St Patty’s Day video game tournaments going on.