I'm Batman - Photo by Stacey

Tempe’s Geeks’ Night Out had a stellar turnout last Thursday night.

Its attendance boosted my optimism of our local nerd scene and filled the evening with many costumed characters. I’m really glad it got the TV and internet promotion it did; I think it all worked.

With my kids not feeling great (it’s going around) and the wife at home with them, I dragged out a niece and nephew to keep me company. Naturally, they converged almost immediately on the “game truck” that had showed up. They spent most of the evening showing younger kids in there how to play Mario Kart.

Too bad because they missed a few Batmans, a handful of Avengers, and tons and tons of Star Wars characters – including my homeboy, R2.

Lots of artists showed up as well, showing off their creations, including Halo artist (and Nightmare Before Christmas fan) Big Chris:

Big Chris - Photo by Stacey

Our friend Stacey from Dream Photography Studio was their with her family and she graciously shared these pics for me to post. (Stacey is going to be part of my Phoenix Comicon coverage team – her photography is great and I’m excited!)

I’m already hearing rumors that this will not be an isolated event and that Tempe was very pleased with how things turned out, so keep your fingers crossed for a return of Geeks’ Night Out next year.

In closing, some predators:

Predators - Photo by Stacey