Picard Phoenix Comicon

On my drive home from the Phoenix Comicon Kickoff, my mind raced through all of the cheesy ways I could begin this post.

Well, I didn’t like any of them so I’m cutting straight to the chase:

The major convention guests this year almost fill up the bridge of the Enterprise D.

With the exception of Riker and Dr Crusher, pretty much all of the senior staff is on board, celebrating the 25th year anniversary of The Next Generation.

Sir Patrick Stewart himself (sometimes known at Locutus) is coming, as well as Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, Marina Sirtis, and LeVar Burton.

Will Wheaton wasn’t announced, but he always seems to show up at the Phoenix Comicon at some point, so I wouldn’t count him out yet.

More guests were also announced, including these highlights:

  • Jaime Paglia
  • Casper Van Dien
  • Jon Bernthal
  • Gigi Edgley
  • Chris Patton
  • Brian Pulido
  • Whilce Portacio

I’m also excited to see Phil Lamar, who is coming this year after having to cancel last year.

My Manwich!!

(Here’s my ultimate list of previously announced guests.)

Matt Solberg, the head honcho of the con, also boasted that this year will have more cashiers, more space, more events, shorter lines, wider aisles, more exits (see the part about lines), and a ton more programming and events.

The Steampunk Ball will be free, Dr Who will have his own party, zombies will have beauty pageants, Bleeding Cool will be hosting some awards exclusive for the Phoenix Comicon, Geek Speed Dating will appear, kids will be able to play Plants vs Zombies in real life, and, of course, the Kids Need To Read Geek Prom will be returning.

So, what think ye of these announcements, cephalobots?

Pop quiz: If Picard started traveling at Warp 9.0 today and arrived at The Phoenix Comicon on May 24th, how far away would he currently be?

Ugh… word problems…