knifefight - swafwat saleem

You know that moment when hundreds of knife-wielding virus-infected maniacs have you cornered?

Do you remember the strange mix of fear and exhilaration that poured over you as you stopped running, slowly picked up your own knife, and turned around?

Phoenix designer Safwat does, and has channeled it into some snazzy prints and shirts for you.

“The series is called “Oh Expletive!” and while it is essentially about odds being stacked against you, it is my rather geeky take on the topic using 8-bit creatures, flame throwers, shark attacks, unicorns and zombies.”

And dinosaurs, I might add:

Not only are they fun to look at, they can’t help but bring an “Expletive, yeah!” smile to your mouth as you browse through them. They’re all worth viewing.

Safwat handily surpassed a recent Kickstarter goal to start making shirts, so if you’re hankering to sport one of these bad boys, swing by and pledge some cash as they should be in production soon.

While you wait for your shirt, enjoy his highly enjoyable Kickstarter video: