Like most of you, I have read and thoroughly enjoyed The Hunger Games.

And like some of you, I am cautiously optimistic about the upcoming movie adaptation. If the producers can sit on their hands and let the story from the book do its thing (and if Woody can hold back a little), I think it could work and kid-on-kid violence will be enjoyed by all.

Anyway, what was I talking about?

Oh yes, if you fancy yourself a true fan and would like to meet Jennifer Lawrence (Katniss) in a couple weeks, here’s your chance!

Jennifer will be at The Microsoft Store in Scottsdale on March 7th at 9am.

The first 100 people there will get VIP wristbands for the event.

In other words, show up early

Or, if you’d like to go even further, there’s another way you can score VIP access to this thing. If you show up at the store between now and Feb 29th, you can sign up to win a VIP wristband, as well as a limited edition “Hunger Games” PC.

Sounds like a grand time! If you sign up, may the odds be ever in your favor.