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This weekend, Arizona kicks off the Phoenix Comicon, gets Simpson-ized, swaps pop culture with fellow nerds, and sips coffee while discussing comic books.

Welcome to this week’s list of weekend geekery! Unless today loops over and over again (until you get it just right), it should prove to be a pretty solid few days of fun.

If you’re new here, I put up a post like this every Thursday morning. Sweet, eh?

Thursday, February 2nd

Phoenix Comicon 2012 Kickoff Event! [Phoenix]

  • The big draw will be the latest round of guest announcements.
  • (It’s worth going to just to see people’s reactions as guests are announced.)
  • At the Phoenix Convention Center at 7pm (show up early, trust me) in ballroom 120D.
  • Get more details and RSVP here for door prizes, but you don’t have to RSVP to attend.
  • Two quick notes:
    • No, it’s not really a costume event, but I guess you could dress up if you want.
    • Yes, I will be there wearing my Lightning Octopus shirt so please say hi! 

Friday, February 3rd

Simpsons Artist Phil Ortiz [Mesa]

Renew Your Vows… With Monsters! [Mesa]

Saturday, February 4th

Arizona SciTech Festival Kickoff [Phoenix]

  • Oh hey, another kickoff event.
  • (This one has less announcements and more bio-science.)
  • Free, at the Arizona Science Center.
  • Starts at 10am and goes until 5pm, so wander in when it’s convenient.
  • Getcha some details, yo.

Nerd Swap & Shop [Phoenix]

Dark Ascension Release Parties [Mesa]

  • If you love you some Magic, swing by and grab some Dark Ascension.
  • Starts about 1pm at The Gamers’ Inn, or about 2pm at Empire Games.
  • Learn a few more details for the Inn, or for The Empire.

Comic Relief  – Comic Book Club Meeting [Mesa]

  • Join a new group that sits around and talks about comics.
  • Quite literally like a book club, but with comic books.
  • At Gotham City Comics starting at 7pm.
  • Join their Facebook group if you’re interested.

And, as always, Press The Pause Button has details on a few video-game-centric events.

See you tonight at the kickoff event!