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It’s time to stop carving mountains in your mashed potatoes and wake up, people!

If you’ve had enough of those pesky Greys and/or Lizard People having their way with your cattle, cornfield, and tuckus, get out to Fountain Hills this weekend and unite.

Folks with very open minds will be gathering at an annual International UFO Conference to discuss their favorite forms of unexplained phenomena. Check it out if you’re a believer, curious, or a people watcher.

Personally, I can’t help but love this stuff. I grew up on Unsolved Mysteries and the UFO & Bigfoot episodes were always my favorites, so I’m a bit of a sucker for it. Plus, the magazine sponsoring it, Open Minds, has a really cool logo.

Deep probe these details:

  • The invasion begins with a kick off tonight, the 21st.
  • The goes Feb 22 through Feb 27.
  • At Fort McDowell Resort & Casino in Fountain Hills, AZ.
  • Lots of presentations by UFO type peoples (technical term).
  • There‚Äôs even a UFO film festival.
  • (Not sure if it will work at the door, but the code “AZLO” may get you 40% off tickets.)

Have fun, and let’s unmask our reptilian overlords!

(Oh, and check out Bob Beard’s amazing round up of Arizona conspiracy theories.)