Jonathan At The Phoenix Film Festival [Lightning Octopus] 1

The Phoenix Film Festival and International Horror & SciFi Film Festival recently listed what they are showing this year.

It all goes down March 29th through April 5th out at that Harkins at the top of the 101, and last year I learned that attending film festivals is actually pretty dang fun.

With the PFF and IHSFFF combining, we get to enjoy the benefit of some over-lap in genre programming. I spent some time looking over this year’s crop and thought I’d share the ones that sounded interesting to me, from a genre fan perspective.

Don’t worry, not every “sci-fi” film made this list. Some films, while having an interesting premise, still looked kinda boring, and others just flat out used way too many lens flares in their trailer.

The rest actually sound pretty awesome, or funny, or clever.


Dream Cleaners

  • A couple of “Dream Cleaners” mess up on a routine job and a kid’s dreams start spilling into reality.
  • Giant toy robots begin adorable rampage.
  • Sounds kinda fun. Pics looked pretty good.
  • Isolated man and woman mess with their memories.
  • Special effects look good in the trailer.
  • Old timey feel and some comedy – could be up my alley.
  • Boy loses girl to extra-dimensional monster.
  • Over-the-top highly stylized action/comedy ensues.
  • Looks like it doesn’t take itself too seriously – or at all.
  • I think I might watch this one based solely on its title.
  • No, really.
  • Follows some vampires down on their luck after enjoying a run of sexy vampire glorification.
  • Now they find themselves dealing with blood sucker over-saturation…. and Twilight.
  • Actually looks really funny (I love dark humor) and well shot.
  • Some dude on a space station studies a woman who doesn’t age.
  • Looks a little slow, but it reminds me of a Swedish film I really liked called Cargo.
  • I’ll give it a shot.
  • A little animated short about a girl in a clockwork-type city who finds a “moon.”
  • The pics look gorgeous.


Beyond the Black Rainbow

  • I’m a sucker for sci-fi paranoid mind-games.
  • This one’s about a girl trying to escape a creepy city.
  • I’m in! Plus the trailer looks pretty sweet.

Monster Brawl

  • A monster-ploitation film?
  • Classic movie-monsters get in the ring and punch each other in the face.
  • This could either be amazingly funny or wah wah wahhhh. Hoping for the former.
  • (Hey Steamcrow, what do you think?)


  • This one has actually been getting some buzz.
  • Supposed to please folks who enjoyed Momento.
  • Dude wakes up in the desert with no memories.

With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story

  • Title kinda says it all!

So what do you think, cephalobots?

Anything pique your interest?