This weekend, Arizona discusses UFOs, watches some great & terrible movies, raps about video games, eats after midnight, has a tabletop gaming convention, and more.

Want something interesting  and unique to tell your co-workers on Monday morning when they ask what you did over the weekend?

Here you go:

Thursday, February 23rd

International UFO Conference [Fountain Hills]
  • I will forgo the usual probing jokes… for now.
  • Fratrinize with the best the world has to offer in aliens and their agendas.
  • All weekend long at the Fort McDowell Resort & Casino.
  • Learn more on my original post about the UFO conference.
Everything Is Terrible! [Phoenix]

Friday, February 24th

MegaRan [Tempe]
  • Hip hop + Video Games = MegaRan
  • If you’ve ever wanted to hear a rap about FFVII, go to this show.
  • Check out the local phenomenon at The Stray Cat.
  • Doors open around 8pm.
Gremlins! [Tempe]
  • Cult Classics continues to deliver awesome movie events.
  • This time around, it’s with your favorite little 80’s hellions.
  • At Madcap Theaters at 9pm and 11pm.
  • Learn more.

Saturday, February 25th

Phoenix Vul-Con! [Phoenix]
  • If you like tabletop games at all, this is the place to be this weekend.
  • Team Vul-Con has some pretty great stuff planned for this convention.
  • Saturday & Sunday at the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Check it out and get tickets on their site.
  • (I will also be popping up here for a while.)
Arizona Matsuri Festival 2012 [Phoenix]
  • Our friends in the East export some crazy geek stuff for us to consume.
  • Celebrate their awesome culture at Matsuri!
  • At Heritage & Science park from 10am to 5pm.
  • Get details.
Pitchapalooza! [Phoenix]
  • Changing Hands wants to give local indie writers a leg up.
  • All day at the South Mountain Community Library.
  • Not cheap, but most likely worth it if you’re interested.
  • (However, their wording makes it sounds as if the ‘pitching’ part may be free.)
Sid The Science Kid [Phoenix]
  • Local nerd champion Bob Beard is hosting a “science event” for kids.
  • He’ll be at SRP Arizona Falls all morning to teach your young’ns.
  • Learn more here.
Flight of the Melvin! [Sedona]
Clue! [Tempe]
  • See a young Tim Curry at his best (part of Tim Curry night).
  • Based off the board game, this gem is one of my favorites.
  • Show starts at 9pm at Madcap Theaters – followed by some RHPS.

I… AM… your singing telegram…