Flickr - Travis Hornung

If you’ve made a film, or have one in mind, you have until March 31st to submit it to the Phoenix Comicon 2012 Film Festival.

I know you’ve had that monster/techno-thriller/conspiracy/time-traveling/steampunk/fantasy/anime/zombie/robot/space-opera movie in your head for a while now.

Get it made and comicon nerds will come see it!

(The wife and I made a short film for Steamcrow once. T’was fun!)

If you’re crazy enough to start and finish one by the deadline, let me know.

I may not be a miracle worker, but I might know locals or connections who’d be crazy enough to help.

Submission rules are up on the Phoenix Comicon site, as well as a link to any and all forms you’ll need to fill out.

Naturally, I’ll end this post with this video:

(PS – TMBG and Jonathan Coulton are in town next weekend.)