Flickr - Mark Lobo

Zombies are constantly shedding pounds – probably because shambling is such a great calorie burner.

(Or maybe it’s the whole rotting flesh thing.)

Regardless, this weekend you can kick off this year’s attempt at a personal fitness program by walking with The Walking Dead!

Gotham City Comics is partnering with this weekend’s Amazing Arizona Comic Con to host an official zombie walk for the beloved zombie comic and TV saga.¬†You ca expect hordes of flesh eaters, and the Department of Zombie Defense to make an appearance.

Word on the street is that Kirkman himself, as well as some cast members, will be attending the walk.

  • Start your shambling at 7:30pm on January 6th.
  • At the always funky Gotham City Comics in Downtown Mesa.
  • Check it out or join the fun as a rotter.
  • Here’s the Walking Dead Zombie Walk Facebook Event for more.

After a some healthy limping around, and maybe losing a few limbs along the way, you’ll weigh a fraction of what you used to!

And I’m just going to leave this here…