Nintendo Power First Issue

If you’re sporting a decent collection of video game antiquities, or happen to have a steampunk costume or two, the local geek flavor here in Phoenix could use some of your magic.

Want to help out?

First off, The Arizona Pop Culture Museum is putting together a featured exhibit called The History of Video Game Consoles.

The local pop-culture shrine is looking for some pieces to display, and they’re hunt goes beyond just the consoles and games themselves:

“We are looking for art, toys, posters and anything unique to display in the museum through March & April.”

Don’t worry, you’re not donating your collectibles to the museum. You’ll receive acknowledgement for your display and will get your stuff back at the end of April.

Reach out to Desiree at Pink Media for details, and please tell me if you help out. I’m curious what we have out there waiting to be displayed. I bet some of you have some pretty cool things to spice up their show.

Secondly, the local steampunk web-series Mantecoza appears to be firing up production again.

They’re looking for anyone willing to come out in their “finest steampunk outfits” to be part of an alternate-Victorian marketplace.

Bonus if you have a booth/table with wares to set up and display.

Touch base with them on this Facebook Event. Filming for the scene isn’t until March 24th.

Got any tips on the nerd scene in Arizona? Want to get the word out on something?

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