The Voyage Trekkers

My folks came into town over the weekend, which means I shaved my William T Riker beard to avoid gettingĀ  ‘the look.’

(Just kidding, my mom liked it.)

We ended up going out and I took them to Liberty Market and the screening of Voyage Trekkers at The Film Bar.

It was my first visit to the Film Bar in Phoenix (finally) and I must admit it’s a pretty sweet setup. The theater part of the bar is top notch. Sound and picture were both great, and everything was very cozy.

We showed up a little late, and there was standing room only. We scuttled towards the back where someone (one of the actors it turned out) gave my mom a chair.


Voyage Trekkers is made here in the valley by a group of friends in the film industry.

They decided that as much as they love producing film for clients, they were in the mood for something more fun for themselves.

The show genuinely surprised me by how well it was made. Acting was great, and while the first one or two episodes had some shaky legs, they quickly figure out what works, humor-wise, and the show started growing on me. It’s less of a serial, and more of a sketch comedy, really.

The cast does a great job of avoiding typical low-budget problems with sets (this regular office room kinda looks sci-fi-ish, let’s use it!), and using green-screen and special effects when it’s really not necessary.

The three main characters become pretty likable, in a Seindfeld-ian these-people-are-aweful-and-that-makes-them-funny kinda way.

You can watch all of their Season 1 episodes here, on YouTube.

The screening helped raise funds for a 2nd season, in which they want to build an actual bridge for their starship:

If you like what you see, consider helping out.

Oh, and my parents loved it.