Vul-Con Arena 1 - LightningOctopus

The guys behind Vul-Con 2012 are going big in February.

Of course, everything these guys do is on a large scale, from the size of the venue, to games, to guests, to tournaments.

I’ve been to a Vul-Con Gaming Arena before; it’s hard to convey the size, quality, and details of some of their creations:

Vul-Con Arena 1 - LightningOctopus 1

Built around a Roman Empire theme, Vul-Con 2012 is promising to be the biggest tabletop gaming event ’round these parts and guests include Magic artists, game designers, writers, and all-around world builders.

Fancy yourself a bit of a game designer?

Bring your ideas and participate in Board Game God (a reality-show-style competition), and bring it to fruition.


  • February 25th – 26th.
  • At the Phoenix Convention Center.
  • Gaming, gaming, and more gaming.
  • Volunteering has its perks!
  • Learn everything you need on their site.

Render unto Vul-Con the things that are Vul-Con’s and get tickets for around $40.

Though I admit that tabletop games and miniatures are not my expertise, I am planning on checking it out.

And I’ve been enjoying ending my posts with somewhat relevant videos lately. Enjoy: