Bobba Fett

Phoenix Comicon will be here soon, and the marketing team has been in overdrive throwing out guest announcements the last week or so.

The convention dominates the state when it comes to geek activity and big name guests. From Anime, to TV, to Books, to Comics, to Video Games, this thing pulls them all in.

While we can expect another round of announcements in the near future, here’s the full list of guests announced this wave.

I’ve also listed where you may have heard of them:

Ed Asner Actor Up!
Erin Grey Actor Buck Rogers
Gil Gerard Actor Buck Rogers
Jeremy Bulloch Actor Bobba Fett
Tony Amendola Actor Stargate SG-1
Vic Mignogna Actor Full Metal Alchemist
William Shatner Actor Star Trek
Gini Koch Author Alien In The Family
James Owen Author Here There Be Dragons
Janni Lee Simner Author Faerie Winter
Jeffrey Mariotte Author Cold Black Hearts, River Runs Red
Jon S Lewis Author Grey Griffens, & Invasion
Kevin Hearne Author Hounded
Sam Sykes Author Tome of the Undergates
Tom Leveen Author Party
Weston Ochse Author Scarecrow Gods
Yvonne Navarro Author AfterAge, Species
Arthur Suydam Comics Batman, Conan, Tarzan, Predator, Aliens and Death Dealer
Billy Tucci Comics Shi, & More
George Perez Comics Avengers, Teen Titans and Wonder Woman
Greg Horn Comics Illustrator
Stuart & Kathryn Immonen Comics Webcomic – Moving Pictures

(I hope I didn’t miss anyone.)

So who am I personally excited about?

True story: My mom always tells me that she thinks I love Science Fiction because when she was in the hospital for me to be born, she watched Buck Rogers.  The rockets and planets and lasers must have traveled from her eyes down to my then-unborn brain and turned something on. For this reason, I am excited to see Erin Grey and Gil Gerard.

And, I’d be lying if I didn’t say it’ll be sweet to see Mr Shatner. He’s freaking James T Kirk. The original Star Trek holds a campy place in my heart and I’ve never had the chance to see Shatner besides TV, so this is a big win.

Like most people, I loved Up!, and I’m really hoping Ed Asner brings some good stories and insights behind making that movie.

My favorite Star Wars character growing up was always Bobba Fett. That dude got stuff done when the Empire couldn’t, and he did it his way. Can’t wait to see the man behind that mask.

And I’m not just excited for actors. There are a few local authors listed that will be good to finally meet. Kevin Hearne, Jon S Lewis, and Tom Leveen are on my radar to shake hands with.

So what about you?

Who are you excited about?

Anyone you’re still hoping they announce?