Gather ’round, chrononauts, for some steampunk gift ideas brewed up right here in our very own wild wild west!

(Okay, that’s as hokey as this post will get, I promise.)

Check out these creators and see if you can find something unique and local to share this year.

Antickquities Steampunk Accessories

Behold this Tucson artisan’s Victorian accessories, which swap out the ubiquitous “gears from clocks” and use clock hands instead.

Her hair picks look pretty snazzy, and I’ve heard her tree ornaments are selling like crazy.


I’m not sure how to describe these, but I kinda love them.

It’s almost like someone took some LOL Cats, erased the slogans, sent them back in time, printed them out on paper torn from a dictionary, and framed them… kinda.

Oh just check them out, they’re great, and they’re from Tucson.

Mystic Pieces

This Phoenix local makes some very fun clockwork jewelry.

Her little bugs are especially cool, but I do have a slight bias towards the octopi.

She also has some swanky little steampunk cuff links.


Mantecoza is a locally made steampunk web series. Production may be delayed, but that doesn’t mean their shop is closed.

It’s always a pleasure running into a Mantecoza booth at conventions or art walks, because they tend to share their “villain,” “lady,” “good,” etc, buttons.

Just a smattering of effects on their store right now, but pick something up if you want to support the show.

Spaceboy Robot

You need to check this guy’s stuff out if you like retro steampunk robots of any kind.

Jordan makes loads of them, and they’re all pretty brilliant.

He even made me one a while back.

There doesn’t seem to be anything on his Etsy site right now, but I know he sells them at Red Hot Robot in Phoenix.


And, Of Course, Local Shops

Don’t forget you can keep most of your money local by shopping at the local geek havens around town.

Stay tuned for more locally made geek gift ideas.

And please feel free to share if I missed anything:

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I was also going to mention buying someone tickets to next year’s Wild Wild West Con, but it’s been canceled – though they’re claiming 2013 is a go.