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Sweet Gorilla of Manilla! I’m running out of time to share local geek gift ideas!

Here’s a last minute list put together at the last minute by yours truly:

For Movie Geeks:


A locally made low-budget monster movie. My favorite kind.

Give your friends the gift of watching army people (and that one chick from Remember The Titans) talk about going down into a cave and awakening a monster.

The payoff happens when said monster does in fact awaken, and then destroys Phoenix, AZ.

Sacrifice Movie

Movie Posters by Victor Moreno

Does your movie-obsessed gift-recipient enjoy movie posters, but you don’t want to get them some standard studio poster?

Victor Moreno has made some pretty sweet posters of some great movies – most of them horror, but not all.

They could definitely spice up the usual movie room.

insidious by victormoreno.com

Harkins Gift Bows

Not a gift, per se, but these bows made from movie reels could be really cool to put on your movie-ish gift to someone.

Plus they use the funds for kids programs.

harkins giftbow

Membership at The Royale

For cult movies, anime, Japanese films, and otherwise obscure geektastic action, The Royale is your theater.

Get someone a membership if you really love them. Monthly to Yearly options for your budget.



Check out the rest of my locally made geek gift ideas.

And please feel free to share if I missed anything:

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