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Shall we showcase some more locally made gift ideas? We shall.

This week, I’m sharing what I’ve found that might appease the endless hunger for gaming that your potential gift recipients may enjoy – all made here in The AZ.

Take a few minutes and visit their online stores. You may find something unique, fun, and local to give.


One of my favorite things to do after opening presents is to play any new games with family.

Iconica is an indie fantasy card game made here in Arizona that’s easy to learn, inexpensive, gorgeous, and fun.

Swing over to their Etsy store to pick up a starter deck and have fun!

Pixel Paradise

Maybe the person you’re shopping for grew up in the non-HD gaming generation that I did.

If so, they may have the same fond memories that I do of Saturdays wasted on classic 8bit and 16bit action.

Pixel Paradise by “Mel The Office Gamer Girl” has tons and tons of these little things. I ran into her at Devastation and they were selling like crazy.

snes link pixel art -

The MiniBosses

I loved these guys as a teenager, before I even ventured into The AZ. I only found out they were from here a few years ago, and have seen them live since then.

If you’re looking for something for a music junkie that also loves the original NES system, these guys are perfect.

They’re latest album, Brass 2, just launched the other day, and it has one of the greatest album covers ever.

(I’m a Metroid fan.)

minibosses - brass2cover

Evil Controllers

These guys do custom x-box controllers and what-not. I believe they also mod them, etc.

Some of their jobs look pretty sweet. Check them out if you’re shopping for a big x-box fan.

Evil Controllers-pink1

Orbit Rocket Race 5000

One of my readers let me know that her husband made a board game, described as a “gateway game” to the increasingly popular field of  “Euro-style” boardgames.

I don’t know much about it (here’s a review), but it’s for sale at The Game Depot in Tempe, and also online.

orbit_box -

And, Of Course, Local Game Shops

And don’t forget you can keep most of your money local by shopping at the local geek havens around town.

Places like Gamers’ Inn & Empire Games (tabletop gaming, etc), and Game Zone in Gilbert (old school video games, Japanese imports), are excellent shopping grounds for geek gaming glory.

Stay tuned for more locally made geek gift ideas.

And please feel free to share if I missed anything:

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