Lightning Octopus The Royale

The wife and I visited The Royale the other night to say goodbye.

The Midnight Movie Mamacita and I were caught on camera (above) wailing, beating our chests, and otherwise bemoaning the fate of the little theater.

I still remember wandering around inside before it was finished.

If you want another chance to pop in and ceremoniously touch the counter or sit alone in an empty seat and quietly sigh, there will be an open house tonight (Tues) from 5pm to 10pm.

I’ll miss The Royale for many selfish reasons. I loved the crazy culture it created, the shows, and getting to see the crew at least once a month or so. Plus it’s hard for a guy trying to build and gather Arizona’s geek culture to keep watching these places close down.

Three cheers to the gang behind The Royale for giving it all they had. We need more people like you creating and sharing.

[Also, I double checked and Everything Is Terrible is still on. It has been moved to The Filmbar Phoenix.]