might-temp - from darkcon.org

If you like your ears pointy and your outfits steampunk-y, Mesa is hosting the perfect convention for you next month.

Gathering the valley’s role-playing, steampunk, and all-around fantasy nerds, DarkCon 2012 is happening in January 2012.

In addition to hosting workshops, gaming, and even LARPing, they’ll be hosting some guests of honor including: Jacqueline Carey, Doug Jones, Meg Foster, Bill Myer, Ruth Thompson, and John Wick & Ken St Andre.

I’m sure costumes will abound, so I recommend gobbling up as much as you can from Evermore Nevermore before they close this Friday.

And if like this whole gritty-fantasy-steampunk flavor, the convention is hosted by the local fantasy group The Dark Ones, who you may want to check out.