Star Trek - Bring it! - ksmYES flickr

Half the fun of being a geek is passionately debating & defending things that aren’t even real.

Let us behold a conversation in the 2009 movie Fanboys, where a Trekkie and a Star Wars fan (both played by kids from that 90’s Judd Apatow show Undeclared) politely discuss Star Trek & Star Wars:

Seth Rogen: I would like to see your Darth Vader take on one Borg drone. And we’ll see who’s laughing then. Am I right?
Jay Baruchel: Darth Vader can put the entire Borg collective in a vice grip with his mind.
Seth Rogen: Uh, Darth Vader has asthma, so name me one Star Trek character with a respiratory disease, ’cause I’m drawing a blank.

And so on…

Itching for a great debate themselves, the NERDS have organized an all-in-good-fun, and most likely lively, debate about things that end in Trek and Wars.

  • The cage match will occur at The Royale in Downtown Mesa
  • Saturday, November 26th around 1pm.
  • Yes, you love both, but just for fun you pick one side and stay true for the afternoon.
  • (Or just sit back and watch the chaos.)
  • Both sides will have subjects to quickly defend and debate.
  • A winning side will be declared.

Sure, it’s kinda apples and oranges here, but that’s never stopped real geeks from drawing their bat’leths and lightsabers.

The Meetup for the event is over here, so get all the extra details if you’re interested.

They’re also looking for some extra moderators and subjects to discuss, if you’re free and interested.