Star Trek Live

It’s been on the Lightning Octopus Calendar for a while now, and you may have seen billboards for Star Trek Live around the valley, but what-the-trek is it?

Star Trek Live: Starfleet Academy takes the stage next Sunday (Nov 20th) at the Mesa Arts Center.

It calls itself as an “action-packed, interactive  adventure based on one of the most popular science fiction franchises of all time. ... With cutting-edge special effects, audience interaction and on-screen appearances…”

Realizing that could mean almost anything, I decided to look around, see what I could find, and share what I found without being too spoiler-y.

If you’d like to know what you’re getting into before grabbing tickets, here’s what I’ve put together:

Star Trek Live is kinda for kids.

The experience seems to fall in the range of “edu-tainment,” focusing on space sciences and learning about NASA.

I wouldn’t say it’s only for kids – I (shamefully?) admit I’d probably enjoy myself just as a trek-geek.

It’s about an hour long, and very interactive.

The audience is part of the very beginnings of a still-under-construction Starfleet Academy. You’re being oriented as new recruits when an uninvited Romulan decides to crash the party.

::dramatic chipmunk music::

The actors are experienced at improv and interact a lot with the audience, as well as bringing kids on stage to help with science experiments. The last 15min of the show is open for Q&A and the actors answer in character.

Reviews I found have been pretty positive, saying it’s very smart, fun for kids, and surprisingly funny.

Here’s a link to a little video of the performers explaining the experience to a Florida news show, if you want a better idea of what they’re all about.

If anyone else has any insights, please feel free to share.

And if you still need your Trek fix after this, don’t forget that Star Wars vs Star Trek is the Saturday after next. I’ll be moderating!