Last night, stretching its great flaming wings, Phoenix Comicon 2012 opened a sleepy eye.

Although I doubt any real hibernation was going on, their website and social media had been almost completely silent for the last six months. Last evening, however, Jillian from their marketing team sent out their first message:

A similar message was dropped on the Phoenix Comicon Facebook Page, prompting a bunch of comments.

Jesse James from Jesse James Comics has also recently brought up Phoenix Comicon 2012, even sharing his contact info for questions:

(I believe Jesse is in charge of the ‘comic book’ side of the con.)

Plus it sounds like we can expect the website to be updated soon, which is good news because the discounted price for full membership ends on December 31st.

(Their prices for a convention this size are pretty impressive, but it doesn’t hurt to save $5.)

We can expect the team to start asking for guest and programming suggestions soon, so start thinking of who you’d like them to start reaching out to.

::cough:: Nick Harkaway, Patrick Rothfuss, Ernie Cline, & Alastair Reynolds!! ::cough::

Volunteer opportunities will no doubt be brought up as well.

It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of Phoenix Comicon.

Not only do I love the size, price, and local-ness of it, it was also a tipping point for me in embracing my inner-geek and starting Lightning Octopus.

I’m excited to be involved as much as possible again this year!

*Update – Some major guest announcements will happen on Monday, the 21st. Stay tuned!