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Arizona is losing a geek giant.

Nerdvana announced this morning that its core creator and contributor is moving.

After 13 years of working at the East Valley Tribune, and more than four years of writing and editing this blog, I am leaving to become head of online operations for the Pueblo Chieftain, a newspaper in southern Colorado.

Nerdvana is not going with me, but neither am I leaving it completely.

Thankfully, Jayson isn’t leaving Nerdvana alone in the desert and welcomes anyone who wants to help keep the blog alive to pitch in:

…I encourage anyone who wants to unleash their inner fanboy or -girl to join the team and become a contributor. Nerdvana needs you to keep the community alive. I won’t be a stranger, either — they’ll have to pry this blog from my cold, undead hands.

Nerdvana has been a beating heart for Arizona Geek Culture for a while, and Jayson’s experience as a great journalist shines through in his writing and coverage.

Jayson was a huge help for me when I started Lightning Octopus and helped spread the good word of my new project to his followers. He even celebrated my first 6 months on his blog. These all mean a lot to me.

But he’s also a cool guy, and let me tag along when he went to see Video Games Live back in April.

Next August will be Nerdvana’s fifth anniversary, and before my new path materialized in front of me I had been in the early stages of planning a special event for the occasion that would celebrate the East Valley’s geek community. I had tentatively named this event NerdvanaCon — not to honor this blog, but to bring together many of the creative forces that inspired it and thank those who had supported it throughout the years. That’s still something I would like to see happen, if the community wants it to.

I’m totally up for NerdvanaCon!