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Time to showcase some locally made geek gift ideas!

Today I’ll share what I’ve found in the Arizona world of monsters and the macabre.

Take a few minutes and visit their online stores. You may find something unique, fun, and local to give.


Our Peoria friends, Steamcrow, have decided that the world of monsters needs to be exposed. Perfect if you think your friends would like a mix of diesel-punk and owl-bears.

Share their knowledge of these abominations with their books about monsters, or show your mind-sucking love for someone with this I Lovecraft You shirt. They also make some pretty keen pins & brooches.

Penny Farthing - Steamcrow


Do you have that one friend/family member who’s kinda sick and twisted? Maybe someone with a tense marriage?

Try Tempe based Killhouettes, which are exactly what they sound like.

I have a dark sense of humor myself and  laughed out loud at some of them, while raising an eyebrow at others. I suppose your tastes will have to factor in.

They sell prints, postcards, and even some jewelry, it would appear.

Killhouettes by John Fair

Madame M

If you’re looking for some creepy little bedtime stories, Madame M could be right up your alley.

She has colorful, horror-tinged products for kids of any age, illustrated books, paper-dolls, and morbid greeting cards.

Madame M also makes comic books, including her latest, Glamour Ghouls.

Glamour Ghouls - Madame M

Zed’s Zombie Ranch

Based out of Bisbee, this Etsy store has some pretty great zombie stuff and fun little metal skeleton sculptures.

Lots of zombie metal things, like this:

zed's zombie ranch

Stay tuned for more locally made geek gift ideas.

And please feel free to share if I missed anything:

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