More sad news in the Local Geek Scene.

Evermore Nevermore posted today:

It is with gut-wrenching sadness and overwhelming regret that we announce that on December 14, Evermore Nevermore will be nevermore. While we feel we still have so much to give, and that we’re just getting started, we simply don’t have the financial means to continue this venture. Over the next two weeks we will be selling-off either the EN business as a whole, or our merchandise and fixtures, and closing our doors for the last time.

Here’s a link to their sad news. Be sure to get to the bottom for the schedule of their last days.

The strange little store in Downtown Mesa brought so much personality to the place I can’t even put it into words. A lot of local businesses put on fun events for me to share, but Evermore Nevermore always gave me events to that were easy to write about. Different and interesting things.

I’ll miss them tons.