The geek gods must have been pleased with Bob Beard’s organization of the PBS Nerds walk last Saturday.

When he needed a random number to crown the Nerd In Chief, he asked two people for a number – one person shouted 25, I shouted 17. He added them together and the answer to life, the universe, and everything was unfolded before  us.

What followed was a warm and sunny stroll through ASU with dozens of other geeks. Some dressed up, but most were happy to don the yellow shirt of a bespectacled PBS logo. It did say “nerd” on it, after all.

A highlight for me may have been when Bob thanked me for helping spread the word, shouted “You all follow Lightning Octopus, right?” and almost everyone cheered. That actually felt really cool.

That and getting to sit in a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor.

After joking around while waiting for everyone to show, we all headed to the back of the parade, planned what we would chant for the crowd, and got to know each other a little better. I met some really cool people!

Good times were had.

Enjoy some pictures taken by the talented Stacey of Dream Studios Photography who was willing to be everyone’s photographer for the event.

She took way more than I could share, so go see them all on her Facebook page.

Also, NerdChick did a great video recap.

Nerds can tend to fail at high-fives.

Bob’s enthusiasm was palpable.
Aaaaah, a cute cheerleader! Everyone sweat nervously!

Behold the NerdChick interviewing participats.

Man, what a nerd.

Our Nerd In Chief!
I met tons of new friends.

We need to schedule play-dates!

After the march, we all hung out at Chili’s and discussed our favorite Star Treks, Dr Whos, and everything else.

Some of us meditated.

Three cheers to everyone who came and marched and made it happen!