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This weekend, Arizona steals red staplers, watches giant monster movies, fills a street with steampunk, and has another geek convention.

A  lot of action on Thursday again. Tons of fun stuff this weekend. Going to try to get out, at least a little.

Enjoy this week’s list of Arizona geek action!

Thursday, November 10th

Office Space Party! [Tempe]

  • Yeeeeeah, I’m gonna have to ask you to come to this thing in costume.
  • M’kay?
  • Cast aside your case of the Mondays at 7pm, at  The Sail Inn.
  • Free if you can prove your name is Michael Bolton. (They’re big fans!)
  • Get the details here before I have to talk about to you about your flair.

Sacrifice! [Mesa]

  • It’s a giant monster movie born here in Arizona.
  • And it is very memorable! I’ve seen it.
  • Playing at The Royale at 7pm.
  • Learn more at Brick Cave Media.

Captured! By Robots [Phoenix]

  • Sometimes when you create robots to play in your metal band, they rebel and enslave you.
  • Such is the case with Captured! By Robots – a freaky rock band that actually uses robots.
  • At the Rhythm Room around 8pm.
  • Solid details over here.

Friday, November 11th

TusCon 38 [Tucson]

  • What the… another con in Tucson?
  • Yep – all weekend long at The Hotel Tucson City Center.
  • “The best little SciFi, Fantasy, Horror convention in Arizona!”
  • Learn all about it here.

TedxPhoenix [Mesa]

  • Listen to legends in the video game design industry, inventors, astronomers, and more.
  • At the Mesa Arts Center at 4pm and through the evening.
  • Check out TedxPhoenix’s site for more.

Steampunk Street III [Mesa]

  • And just down the street will be Steampunk Street!
  • I’ve been to the first two, and both drew huge crowds.
  • The Victorian retro-future is everywhere, from costumes to vendors to inventions.
  • All evening (usually picks up around 7pm) in Downtown Mesa.
  • Here’s the official website for more.

Saturday, November 12th

PodCampAz [Tempe]

  • Okay, not super-geeky, but it’s all about bloggin’n’stuff, which is what I do.
  • And  I know quite a few of you that are presenting!
  • At University of Advanced Technology all day.
  • Register for free and you may catch me lurking Saturday morning/evening.

Have fun, share anything I missed, and please Spread The Geek!