Trek Thanksgiving

This weekend, Arizona eats, shops, watches movies, and gets really, really nerdy.

It looks like Thanksgiving is a little lighter than usual for events, but this Saturday should prove about as nerdy as it gets.

This week has been pretty epic so far – here’s what I know of for the weekend:

Thursday, November 24th

Thanksgiving! [Arizona]

  • Eat! EAT! EAT!!!!
  • (Then sleep…)

12 Hour Film Fest [Mesa]

  • Or… watch a slew of films.
  • Not sure what all the films are, but it’s at The Royale, so…
  • Will also have food and games throughout the day.
  • Here is the full info.

Friday, November 24th

Geek Arizona Black Friday! [Arizona]

  • It’s that time of year when crazy people get crazy deals on stuff!
  • (And the internet fills up with commentary about our culture of consumerism.)
  • Do the local geek scene a favor and try out one or two local geek businesses if you’re out.
  • Here’s a map.
  • I’m sure most of them will have some kind of deal going on.

Saturday, November 26th

Star Trek vs Star Wars [Mesa]

  • Then come back to The Royale for the ultimate debate!
  • I’ll be moderating some of this fierce war of words.
  • Come prepared to take a side (just for fun) and defend it.
  • Read more on my post about Star Trek vs Star Wars.

There you have it! Have a great Thanksgiving Weekend, everyone!