Instead of lumping all of Arizona’s costumed tomfoolery in with tomorrow’s This Weekend post, I’ll try to link to some costume party lists today.

If you’ve got a sweet costume, don’t just wait for Halloween and go trick-or-treating in it. Flaunt that thing all over the valley!

First up is AZ Central’s “Top Halloween Parties” list.

They’ve done all the work of compiling just about every party out there, ranging from a “Zombie Apocalypse” to “Celebrity Look Alike” parties to “OMG, Like, How Little Can I Wear To This Party Because I Totes Want To Upload These Cute Pics of Me To Facebook” parties.

::cough:: Maxim Magazine Masquerade ::cough::.

There’s even a “Pimp n’ Ho” party. Really.

But don’t let those scare you away (get it!?) because there are lots of more serious costume parties in the mix as well.

Phoenix New Times also has a comprehensive collection of Halloweenery.

It’s less of a “list” and more of a “search I did on their site” – but it seemed to work pretty well, so I’ll share it.

Some events stood out to me though,  like this “Robots vs Vampires” party.

So, how many Steve Jobs’ and Nyan Cats do you think we’ll see this year?

Can’t wait to see pics of your costumes, everyone!