AT-AT MARCH - c@rljones' Flickr

Last time you marched in a school parade the jocks stole your inhaler and stepped on it.

(Or was that just me?)

Well this time, I won’t be alone.

PBS is organizing a small army of nerds to march in the ASU homecoming parade; celebrating the geekier side of their progamming (which is pretty much all of it, am-I-right?)

Strength will come in numbers, comrades, as together nerds march in solidarity – and the first 100 people to sign up get a “PBS Nerd” tshirt!

The lowdown:

  • October 29th – around Noon to 3pm – but be sure to register for exact times.
  • (I’d RSVP to this Facebook Event to stay up to date too.)
  • One member will be crowned the “Nerd-In-Chief.”
  • *Update from PBS – Nerd In Chief will ride in the convertible (kind of a grand-marshal of the Nerds) and will wear a sash.

I’d probably wear comfortable shoes and maybe bring a little water, even though things should be pretty cool by then. (Looks like the march is about a quarter-mile.)

I’m also waiting for an answer on just how nerdy they’re willing to let participants get (Nerd glasses? Cosplay? Life sized AT-ATs?).

* Update from PBS:

Everyone is free to join us and display their Nerd-dom however they wish. Banners are great. Dressing up is great. However folks want to demonstrate their nerdiness is A-OK [within good taste, of course].

So let your geek flag fly, and go get your t-shirt!