The Lightning Octodance!

Check it out, Cephalobots, I have a new logo!

Local designer Eric Torres of Specimen Design was hip to the challenge of making The Lightning Octopus a little sexier and giving him a lot more pop.

You need to see some of his work. It’s really fun. Plus you can explore his World of Rynaga, and play his game, Iconica.

(Eric is a creator!)

Some of his words on the logo:

This is an asymmetrical approach which creates a beautiful rendition of an octopus in exploration mode, arms out, tentacles searching for great local content.

There are three arm quadrants which represent Consolidating, Centralizing, and Cataloging Arizona’s geek culture.

We also brightened the colors up a little, which helps make things  a little less “corporate” looking and fit the fun I try to have around here.

I’ll be updating Mr Facebook & Mr Twitter today, and The Order of Electric Octopi will get its own striking emblem:

Anyway, I’m pretty excited. I hope you like it!

(Pop quiz, who remembers the Lightning Octopus’ name?)