It’s well known in TV world that crime dramas tend to do well.

Case in point – I’m currently addicted to AMC’s The Killing, and I stayed up way too late last night watching it.

(I’m about half-way through the first season.)

NBC’s upcoming show Grimm hopes to tap into that magic crime-drama formula, but with a fairy tale twist. It follows a homicide detective (naturally) who happens to be a “Grimm” who can see all of the fairy tale monsters, etc, living in our modern world.


It sounds fun, and I hope they don’t run out of clever uses of the fairy tales too fast. (How often can you really borrow from Little Red Riding Hood?)

Well, if you’re at least a little intrigued and you’re free on Wed, Oct 26th at 7:30pm you can get a chance to see an early screening at the Tempe Marketplace. The show itself starts two days later.

Just follow this here link and follow the instructions.

Maybe I’ll see you there!