It’s almost that time of year when everyone with the ambition to write a novel gathers and pushes each other to stop dreaming and actually do it.

November is NaNoWriMo! (National Novel Writing Month.)

The challenge is to write 50,000 words within November’s 30 days. The idea is not that you’ll have a perfect (or even close to perfect) story, plot, novel, or characters, but that you’ll have an amazing start, and have fun doing it. You just have to keep writing, spilling out all your ideas.

There’s really not enough time to edit, re-write, or second guess yourself.

So how does NaNoWriMo fit into Arizona?

Arizona has some fantastic groups that go all out for this marathon of words.

They’re very active, involved, and dedicated to helping everyone in their group succeed. As part of the East Valley group two years ago, I can tell you they are wicked friendly, helpful, and fun. So if you think you might try to go for it this year, do yourself a favor and join one.

They usually meet together pretty often, sometimes at interesting locations, like the light-rail, to keep things fun.

A lot of them meet at Bookmans, who also does a lot to support the madness. So will Storytellers AZ out of Gangplank.

You can find all of the Arizona groups right here – just type Arizona into the filter to narrow it down.

Last year I asked some of you what you were writing and got some pretty interesting responses.

So will you plan something out then write like mad during November, or open up a Word document on Nov 1st and see what happens?

Either way, write on!