Last Saturday I got to haunt Devastation 2011, play some arcade machines, mingle with some folks I know, and meet some new ones.

(Fred Savage and that chick from Rilo Kiley were not spotted, however.)

The setup was pretty sexy. Some of the quickest thumbs in the west fought for the titles of their respective specialties on the giant screen for main competitions. Forever-long tables held tons of machines and screens for everyone else. Devastation also brought in a bunch of free-play arcades from Castles & Coasters, so I was able to re-live some Samurai Showdown with my son. I let him beat me.

Along the walls the place was surrounded with vendors and booths. Most vendors seemed to be all about modding systems and controllers, and Best Buy was there to remind us all just how big flat screen TVs are getting. I also met some pretty unique vendors from Arizona that I want to highlight here on LO in the future.

For being a casual gamer who didn’t participate in any of the tournaments, I had a lot of fun.

Want a few pictures?

MvC was on the big screen most of the time I was there on Saturday.

You can see some broadcasters in the bottom right:

Robb, the guy in charge of the whole thing, was hosting a professional Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament:

And serious gamers dotted the land:

Bookmans let me spin their wheel and I won some Bookmans credit.

Then they let my son Jonas spin and he won some too.

I guess I should probably get him something with his share of the dough.

I love the phrase they have written around the center of the wheel:

Mel, The Office Gamer Girl is gangsta!

Sadly, her Samus had already sold. I should have bought a pixel sad-face.

How many characters can you name from this shot?

The Gotham City Comics booth decided to turn itself into a rave:

I’m always impressed with custom costumes.

Anabel & Allen are big ME fans:


A few other awesome re-caps around the blog-o-sphere:

Press The Pause Button tossed a bunch of pictures up on Facebook. I think she’ll be putting some video up too.

Disney Crazy Sarah has a post with a plethora of pics.

Benjamin from Jackalope Ranch also took a ton of pics, including a few more cosplayers than I saw.

And MeowMeowBot took some gorgeous big shots as well.

Start training now for next year’s Devastation!

Let me know if you need some 80’s training montage music. It helps.