Not fair, you guys. Too many good tombstone inscriptions.

Some were classic like Allen’s “After Life- Achievement Unlocked,” and Elizel’s “Nu kyr’adyc, shi taab’echaaj’la.” (Google it.)

Some made me laugh out loud like Steven’s “He simply walked into Mordor…” (Something one does not do.)

I tried to pick one that stayed true to the contest – a tombstone inscription vs famous last words – and was clever, subtle, and funny.

And yes, that still describes most of the submissions, but these things are only fun if I man up and pick one so I went with Andrew’s:

“Here lies Steve
Beloved husband and DM
He will be critically missed…”

Andrew rolled a natural 20 on that one, so I’ll be emailing him for his mailing address.

And one random person wins a little Bookmans giftcard just for playing, so congrats to: Juan Sal Benitez

Let me know if you enjoyed this contest as much as I did and I’ll try to get more things to give away.

And if you want more free tickets to geek stuff, you should swing by Bookmans on Thursday night at 7pm. I’ll be hosting a Lord of The Rings Trivia contest for two free tickets to LOTR: In Concert.