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This weekend, Arizona hosts a huge video game tournament, watches robots demolish each other, answers my Lord of The Rings trivia, and more.

It’s been a non-stop crazy week for me so far, and it looks like this weekend will show no mercy either.

Bring it on:

Thursday, October 6th

Lord of The Rings Trivia Night! [Mesa]

  • I’m excited to host this thing, and Bookmans is very cool to offer.
  • Questions will be focused mostly around the first book/movie The Fellowship of The Ring.
  • Tickets to next week’s Lord of The Rings: In Concert could be yours.
  • But even if you’re not a walking Tolkien Encyclopedia this should be fun.
  • Learn more about it at Jackalope Ranch, Nerdvana, and here!

Anime Royale [Mesa]

  • A combining of the geek forces of Saboten-Con, Gotham City Comics, and The Royale.
  • Anime night is now a monthly event.
  • Watch 4 episodes from 2 new series at 7pm at The Royale, then finish the series the next Thurs at Gotham.
  • Check out the details on The Royale’s Facebook page.

Bots High [Tempe]

  • I’ve always wanted to go to one of those combat-robot competitions.
  • This film follows three young teams as they pursue all the glory of robot dismemberment.
  • At Madcap Theaters starting at 7pm.
  • Check out the trailer and hack these details in half with a saw blade.

Friday, October 7th

Devastation! [Phoenix]

  • It’s Arizona’s big ol’ giant humungous video game event!
  • Devastation has been building up momentum for months now, with multiple mini-tournaments.
  • Catch the finales and enjoy a videogame-con atmosphere.
  • Get details, buy tickets (use the code OCTOPUS for $5 off), and get ready.
  • I will be there Saturday afternoon and (maybe) evening.

Grand Opening of Monsterland [Mesa]

  • The wife and I had a chance to go through the top floor of this thing last night.
  • The anamotronic creatures are pretty cool; I could see LARPers wanting to rent this place out.
  • (They make all of their detailed monsters themselves; you’ll want to slow down and appreciate them.)
  • On Friday, for their grand opening from 6pm to Midnight, entry is only a $2 donation!
  • Tons of details from this FAQ of theirs.

Saturday, October 8th

NotACon [Tucson]

  • A full day of board-gaming for charity.
  • I have good word that some costumed characters may be showing up.
  • At the Unitarian Universalist Church of Tucson from about 10am to Midnight.
  • Read all about it here.

Ghostbuster Night [Phoenix]

  • Packing protons, crossing streams, and accidentally denying their godhood.
  • The AZ Ghostbusters are un-haunting Bookmans Phoenix from 4pm to 6pm.
  • Activities for the little ones, and plenty of photo-ops.
  • I took my son with me once to one of these, when he was still very little.
  • Get slimed with these details.

Good weekends to all! I hope I see you out and about.

Let me know if I missed anything.