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This weekend, Arizona does zombies vs robots, zombies vs unicorns, zombies vs the prom, and has a Maker Faire.

Yeah… a lot of zombie stuff this weekend. Tends to happen in October.

Enjoy this week’s list of things for geeks to do ’round these parts!

Thursday, October 13th

Ghostbusters! [Glendale]

  • The original classic has been re-sexified and digi-magic’d for re-release.
  • This is the first of three screenings in Arizona.
  • And keep an eye out for the Arizona Ghostbusters.
  • At AMC Westgate starting around 7pm and at multiple Harkins Theaters.
  • More info at AMC’s site & at Harkins‘.

Friday, October 14th

Zombie Prom! [Scottsdale]

  • It’s the 4th Annual AZ Zombie Prom!
  • This time my dancing won’t be “awkward” it will be “zombie-ish.”
  • At Chasers Nightclub, I think starting around 6pm, but I can’t find where I read that.
  • This flyer has most of the info though.

Zombies vs Robots! [Mesa]

  • Dress like a zombie for the zombie walk, or dress like a robot to fight them.
  • (Or dress like a zombie robot and talk about how conflicted you are.)
  • Plus Zombie & Robot art and activities at Evermore Nevermore, & Gotham City, & The Rusted Nail, etc, etc.
  • Usually gets going around 7pm in Downtown Mesa.
  • Compute some details from this Facebook event. Tons of people turning out for this one.

Magical Creatures! [Phoenix]

  • Learn all about Unicorns and Ghouls (you heard me) from the authors of Raising Unicorns and Glamour Ghouls.
  • Both of these authors are some of my favorite girls in the valley.
  • (Their smiles are infectious… infectiousss!)
  • Starting at 7pm at Bookmans Phoenix.
  • Ride this rainbow of details.

Saturday, October 15th

Maker Faire Phoenix 2011! [Phoenix]

  • Perfect if you like taking things apart, putting things together, or otherwise love creating.
  • This should be pretty cool, and I’m pretty intrigued by what one may find here.
  • (Jackalope ranch has an idea of what you might find.)
  • At Roosevelt Row in Downtown Phoenix from 11am to 7pm.
  • Everything you need to know at the Maker Faire Phoenix website.

Zombie Fair & Zombie Appreciation Day! [Tucson & Phoenix]

  • Bookmans isn’t done with zombies this weekend.
  • Tons of things going on at both locations, but the one in Tucson will let you play “Zombie Ate My Neighbors!”
  • (Reason enough to go!)
  • At their Speedway store in Tucson and at their Phoenix store, both during the afternoon.
  • Here’s info for the Tucson event and the Phoenix one.

Maybe I’ll see you out Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Enjoy you’re weekend, however you spend it!

And let me know in the comments if I missed anything so everyone knows.