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This weekend, Arizona geeks out like crazy, and does most of it in costume.

There are approximately one hundred million billion costume parties going on this weekend in Arizona, but I linked to them yesterday.

But for when you’re not showing off your Dr Who cosplay, here is this week’s list of geek things to do:

Friday, October 28th

Nightmare City Riff’d [Mesa]

  • Watch a crappy horror flick get mocked MST3K style.
  • Join local improv folks in taking shots at Nightmare City.
  • At The Royale starting around 7pm.
  • Here’s a facebook event page.

Sherlock Holmes & The Adventure of The Suicide Club [Phoenix]

  • I’ve always thought of Sherlock as being part of geek culture.
  • He’s kinda like Ye Olde Batman.
  • The play starts at 8pm with shows going on until the 30th.
  • At the Arizona Theater Company – learn more.

Saturday, October 29th

70’s D&D Party [Glendale]

  • Grow out some sideburns, put on some tiny basketball shorts, and grab your first d20.
  • Dress the part and relive when D&D looked like this.
  • Mike Carr will actually be Skyping in!
  • All day at Imperial Outpost Games – get the di-no-mite details.
  • This sounds like an awesome idea to me, actually; I love retro nerd stuff.

Clash of The Gamers [Mesa]

  • The East Valley Gaming Group is hosting a number of gaming events all day.
  • From what I hear there will be a number of classic arcade games.
  • As well as modern fighting games and BF3.
  • Starting in the afternoon at Gotham City Comics.
  • I wish I had a better link to details, but here’s their Facebook page.

PBS Nerd Walk [Tempe]

  • Stand in solidarity with your geek brothers and sisters.
  • PBS 8 will march a small army of nerds during ASU’s parade.
  • Feel free to join them and dress up as much or as little as you like.
  • Between 10am and Noon, but be sure to register for details.
  • Get details at my original Nerd Walk post.

Steampunk Tophat Workshop [Mesa]

  • You just can’t have Steampunk without tophats!
  • Or as Evermore Nevermore calls them: cylindrical styled dome covering devices.
  • Anytime between 1pm and 6pm at their store.
  • Tip your hat to some details.

Robot Monster [Phoenix]

  • Sometimes robot monsters are gorillaz wearing space helmets.
  • Case in point – Robot Monster, a cheesy B movie Sci Fi classic.
  • Playing at The Trunk Space at 7pm.
  • Check out the sweet flyer with details.

Phoenix Zombie Walk [Phoenix]

  • You’re not done walking yet, soldier, now put some blood on those shoes!
  • When it comes to Arizona zombie walks, this is the big one.
  • Shambling will be around Heritage Square in Phoenix.
  • Get the details on when/where on Facebook.

PoeFest 2011 [Phoenix]

  • Watch people be slowly driven mad on stage.
  • Live performances of Poe’s famous works, including The Raven.
  • At Soul Invictus at 8pm. Shows on other nights too.
  • Let these details rap on your chamber door.

Sunday, October 30th

Pathfinder Beginner’s Bash [Mesa]

  • The perfect chance to find out what’s up with Pathfinder.
  • Learn to play the popular RPG from experts, and have an overall nerdy time.
  • At the Gamers’ Inn at 9:30am, 1:30pm, & 4:30pm.
  • Learn more at Paiso’s site.

I should be at the Nerd Walk, at least. Hope to see some of you out and about.

Spread the geek! And let me know if I missed anything.