In a couple of weeks, Arizona will be home to one of the world biggest and best video game events.

I suppose in the past you could have simply called it a video game tournament, but Devastation has evolved beyond that. This year it will be much more; turning itself into a gamer’s paradise for a weekend.

Devastation will host a bazillion video game tournaments (of course), but to top if all off they’re also having a Rock, Paper, Scissors tournament.

Now you can spend an evening psyching the competition into choosing a hand sign inferior to the hand sign you have chosen!

And so, I give you what I hope the Rock-Paper-Scissors of Devastation may be:

The Rock

Video games.

Fighting games? Yes. FPS? Yes. Madden? FIFA? Yes, yes.

Even some Heroes of Newerth and some always-solid guitar & dancing games.

And if pulverizing your opponents in glorious HD isn’t your thing, there will also be an old-school arcade available, and Bookmans is hosting a Retro-Gaming Center. I have a feeling I may be spending quite a bit of time there.

I’ve been to a handful of Devastation’s warm-up events so far, and these guys know how to run tournaments.

The Paper

The schedule, convention, & trade show.

When you’re not pwning n00bs, you can browse the convention side of the event.

Tons of artists with video game and geek culture books, art, and shirts, exhibitors to help complete that collection of yours, and other things.

Plus events like charity fundraising and everything else you’d expect from a convention.

The Scissors


Embracing your compulsion to recreate your favorite characters in real life, Devastation is hosting multiple costume contests at the event.

Expect a few Jack Shepards, Master Chiefs and Delta Squads.

And maybe some Big Daddy’s? Black Mages? Samus?

(I hope there will be at least one awesome Samus! Personal favorite.)

Devastation will be at the Phoenix Convention Center from Friday, Oct 7 through Sunday, Oct 9.

You can get tickets here and use the code “Octopus” for $5 off, and check out this page for discounted parking info.