Elvish Ring

True story: In middle school I sat next to a kid in biology who took notes in Elvish.

At least I assume he was taking notes. I suppose he could have been writing Nazgul fan fiction or something.

His over-zealous dedication, however, to the world of Middle-earth would surely do him well next Thursday at Lord of The Rings Trivia Night.

Come by and see me host this thing at Bookmans Mesa, October 6th (Thurs) at 7pm.

I will attempt to take you there-and-back-again with an evening of Tolkien trivia and nerdy banter. I’ll be asking the questions and providing hilarious commentary, but my spot-on Gollum impression will not be making an appearance.

(Yes it wills! No it won’tses!)

The winner will walk away with with tickets to the upcoming Lord of The Rings: In Concert, which is no cheap prize. But even if you’re no hardcore Tolkien-mythology-expert it should be a fun night.

Plus it’s free – although I’m tempted to shout “Speak, friend, and enter!” at those who want to participate.

I made a little event for it on Facebook, so drop an RSVP on me, and learn more about it on Bookmans’ site.

Elen sila lumenn omentilmo!