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The East Valley Gaming Group is taking over Gotham City Comics tonight (and subsequent Wednesday nights).

They’ll be hosting Dungeons & Dragons 101 events from 6pm to 9pm to introduce new players – and to refresh old players like me – to the world of your imaaaaagination.

Personally, I haven’t played anything after AD&D, and even then I think I spent more time drinking Dr Pepper, quoting movies, and creating characters than actually playing.

I’ll try to swing by tonight if I can and see if there’s still room for some dice rolling in my life.

Get all the details here.

And if this schedule doesn’t work for you, remember that The Gamers’ Inn is literally always open with gamers galore for some RPG action.

And if you play enough, someday you’ll be as cool as this guy:

(Just blink! Blink, for crying out loud!)