Cade Gallery - Lightning Octopus

Well, I suppose it’s a good thing I checked it out last week.

Nothing from their Twitter, Facebook (*they’ve announced on FB now), or website as of this writing, but it looks like they told Benjamin from Jackalope Ranch that they’re shutting down – at least for now.

I guess I’ll go take it off of The Map of Local Nerdery.

Check out the full article here with details and reasons.

I had fun when I was there, and I really hope Nate and Weston are able to replace the awesomeness of The Cade with something new soon.

These guys deserve mad props for going after something fun and original that they are passionate about.

(I’m sending them a telepathic message to start a nicklecade. I grew up next to one and I loved it.)

*Update – Looks like the guys will still be actively hosting events in the valley!