Scott Pilgrim photo by: pinguino

This weekend, Arizona bends some circuits, raises a few unicorns, pulls a sword from its chest, and has a SciFi & Fantasy convention.

And if you like this list of Arizona geek events, I post these every Thursday morning.

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Thursday, September 1st

Electronic Music Night [Mesa]

  • Learn all about circuit-bending while enjoying some electro-tunes.
  • HeatSync Labs is hosting an evening on the subject.
  • Starts at 7pm at their new place in Downtown Mesa.
  • I will be swinging by, at least for a few!
  • Learn more at HeatSync’s blog.

*Update – @onlydoniayouknow reminded me that, speaking of Electronica, Deadmou5 is playing in Phoenix.

Unicorn Sparkle Attack [Tempe]

  • (Okay, that’s probably not what the event is actually called.)
  • A local unicorn farmer will be discussing her latest book.
  • Rainbows, cupcakes, glitter, and “precious moments eyes” should abound.
  • Includes a performance by the improv troupe “Unicorn Warpath.”
  • At Changing Hands, also starting at 7pm – and I will be  swinging by this one too.
  • Impale these details.

Friday, September 2nd

CopperCon 31! [Avondale]

  • If you love reading SF and/or Fantasy, you may want to check it out.
  • Especially if you’re interested in getting your foot in scene yourself.
  • Goes all weekend long, and into Monday at the Hilton Garden Inn.
  • Learn more from my post about CopperCon.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World [Mesa]

*Update – This show has been sold out. No tickets will be available at the door.

  • It’s that wacky Scott Pilgrim with his Canadian 8-bit-generation-hipster charm!
  • Fall in lesbian with him all over again on The Royale’s screen.
  • Plus everyone there will be entered to win tickets to Devastation.
  • Learn more and get tickets soon if you want to go.

*Update – 8-bit Art Show [Phoenix]

  • Speaking of the NES Generation…
  • Jackalope Ranch just posted info on an 8-bit art show this Friday.
  • Check out the glorious low-res details.

Saturday, September 3rd

Arizona Browncoats Shindig [Phoenix]

  • Get together with your local hardcore Whedon fans and make some friends.
  • Starts at 7pm in the Bookman’s Phoenix Community Room.
  • Read all about it here.

Will you be able to make it to any of these?

Know of anything else going on?

Let us know!