Last Thursday night my wife’s sister offered to watch our boys if we wanted to get out for a few hours.

Before she finished her offer, there was a puff of dust in the shape of our bodies where we were previously sitting.

For kicks, we dropped by the Cade Gallery in Phoenix for Video Game Trivia night. It’s hosted by Mel The Office Gamer Girl and sponsored by Bookmans, so you know two things right away: it would be fun, and the trivia would get obscure.

Mercifully, there was the first reason I want to do Video Game Trivia Night again:

1. There’s An “Easy” Category

Say 'Allo To My Little Friend!

Which I totally dominated.

Bug-like creatures in Starcraft? ZERG!! – Bam!

Main protagonist in Half-Life? Gordon Freeman!! – Oh yeah!

2007 FPS game that won every freaking award ever? BioShock! –  ::does the moonwalk and spins around::

It’s easy to feel like a hot shot on “easy,” and I totally did. The Easy category is simple quick-fire fun.

But in addition to video game trivia night being fun:

2. It’s Fascinating

Start bumping up into medium and hard, and you’ll need some serious background in the gamer scene.

I got a handful of these, and may have gotten more if I’d been faster at raising my hand. But even when you don’t know the answer it’s fun to see who does, and how quickly they pull the information from their brain.

(Seriously, I thought I knew a lot about FFVII. Apperently I was wrong. The guy who won knew ev-e-ry-thing about that game.)

Hell Mode? Forget it, I think I got one right, and only because I’d been to Mel’s website before.

However, I was alone in doing poorly. The other players knew tons. It was awesome hearing answers on things I’d never heard of.

So, I ended up in 3rd place (thanks “easy” category!) and learned a lot about Japanese imports, milestones in Video Game history, famous game designers, and a bunch of other stuff.


3. The People Who Host It Are Way Nice

And even when I was answering incorrectly (text anxiety!) we joked around and swapped insights into whatever subject we were being quizzed on.

The owners of the Cade Gallery know their stuff and I always enjoy being around people who share their passion.

So who won?


Greg won.

Only “won” isn’t a strong enough word.

Next month, everyone needs to come out and take this awesome walking encyclopedia down!

Or shake his power-gloved hand in defeat then talk about our favorite SNES games, like I did.