Mesa Stormtrooper

On Friday night I took my son Jonas with me to Downtown Mesa’s geek-themed 2nd Friday.

The evening consisted of a bazillion comic and video game artists, a handful of costumers, lots of cool people, and suprisingly cool(ish) weather.

This time, though, I gave Jonas a camera and let him take the pictures for this recap.

For a 2 year old, I think he did an awesome job! He must have downloaded some talent from his mother’s genes.

(But we probably need to work on getting that finger out of the way.)

Some visitors from a galaxy far, far away decided to visit for the evening:

Mesa Merc

Mesa Merc 2

First stop was Gotham City Comics:

Gotham Mesa 1

Gotham Mesa 2

Then we swung by The Royal to say hi and exchange books.

Got a nice tweet from it too!

The Royale Mesa

Then we swung over to HeatSync Labs where this little rover was cruising around, feeding video back to the front of their space.

Jonas loved it, which is weird because he’s terrified of Rumbas for some reason…

Mesa Rover

Last stop was Evermore Nevermore where Scott Shehi drew Jonas a picture of “Pie-Man.”

(You and I know him as “Spider-man.”)

This may have been Jonas’ favorite part of the evening due to that big red bowl on the bottom left of the picture.

Evermore Mesa 1

Evermore Nevermore also hosted the SciFi Fashion show, which was very steampunk oriented with a few time traveling hotties thrown in the mix:

SciFi Fashion Show

Technically, we did go check out the LEGO display at the Mesa Arts Theater, but it was pretty dang dissapointing – hardly anything there, and what was there was not worth posting about. Oh well.

We had a great evening, got to see some awesome folks (like Sarah) and even met some readers for the first time.

Mad props to Mesa for morphing into a kind of East Valley nerd mecca, and a big thanks to Jonas for taking the pictures!